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Succsessfull stories from people we operate

                                                                                                                         ‎Blanca E Cortez-Hernandez‎ 

Blanca CortezQuisiera compartir con todos ustedes la grata experiencia que é tenido estos ultimos años, al mismo tiempo agradecer al Dr Eulices Frayre y a el Dr Jaime Ponce De Leon y a todo su equipo médico por averme ayudado en cambiar mi vida a una vida mas saludable y activa. He padecido de obesidad por muchos años y eso me acarreo muchos mas problemas de salud graves. Le doy gracias a Dios por averlos puesto en mi camino. Es dificil saber con certeza que doctores son buenos y profesionales pues hay cientos de doctores. Este equipo médico me ha ayudado en diferentes problemas de salud desde 2015. Confio 100% en ellos pues mi resultados comprueban lo bueno que son. Asi mismo yo los é recomendado con amig@s y familiares para diferentes tipos de cirujias gastrointestinales, cirujia cosmeticas y otras cirujias de diferentes problemas de salud. Gracias por ser tan profesionales y sabios en lo que hacen y por tener tan buena equipo médico que me inspiran tanta confianza.
Primera cirujia: Marzo 19, 2015 (Manga gastrica)
Peso anterior 287 lbs.
Peso actual 165 lbs.
2da. Cirujia: Marzo 18, 2016 (tummy tuck 360°/ breast lift)

** I want to share the experience I’ve had in the last few years with all of you and at the same time thank Dr Eulices Frayre and Dr Ponce De Leon and their medical team for changing my life to a more health active one. I’ve been battling with obesity for many years and it brought me serious health issues, I thank God for helping me find this amazing doctors and medical team. In a place where there’s hundreds of doctors it’s hard to find good ones, Dr. Eulices Frayre and Dr Ponce De Leon are well experienced and highly professionals who I trust with my care. I’ve been a patient of this medical group since March 2015 and trust them 100% , my results speak for themselves. At the same time when someone asks me to recommend a good doctor I always recommend them to all my friends and family that’s how much I trust them. They do many different types of surgeries from Gastrointestinal, weight loss surgeries, cosmetic surgeries and many more surgeries for different health issues. Thank you Doctors for being so professional and wise and knowing and for having such a great medical team who inspire me confidence with all my health issues because I know I’m in good hands.

  • Thanks to you and your team, I’m healthy and happy! I am running half marathons, something I never thought I could ever do. I am truly grateful for the surgery and have never regretted having it. Thank you so much!

    Laurie Appel
    Laurie Appel
  • I thanks God and this really good surgery team for giving me the chance to take my life back, and loss all the weight I wanted.

    Jesus Norapia
    Jesus Norapia
  • I want to tell you,thank you from the bottom of my heart for this new change in my life. My God bless you,and everyone around you..

    Christine Serigny
    Christine Serigny