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Bariatric surgery in Mexico is the answer to your weight-loss struggles

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Hi, my name is Ron and I have been obese since childhood. I was the child that the kids at school bullied, teased and ridiculed the I decided to change all that, I went to an informational session with Debra and several others and then All I had to do was get on the plane to San Diego but I put myself in this position and I was the only one that could fix it and I chose weight loss surgery with Doctor Jaime Ponce de Leon I wanted to loos weight and I wanted it gone forever. I am now down 210 pounds in 8 months and I am actually getting to like what I see. I am still on a journey and have a lot to lose yet but I have come a long way. Thanks PonceBariatrics.

Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

Hi, my name is Roxanne I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life and my heaviest was 293lb, I made my life changing  journey to Mexico with the help of Debra and Dr Jaime Ponce de Leon. I remember how excited yet nervous I was and how amazing and friendly the doctors and staff were. They made me feel very safe and comfortable. I flew out Jan 10th, had my gastric sleeve surgery that same eve and was up walking around soon after. The next day I felt great and spent the day up and out of bed walking as much as I could. I’m down 120 lbs and feel amazing. I started going to the gym and working out and I spend a lot of my time playing with my children, I have so much energy now! I have a whole new and positive outlook on life and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Thanks to Debra and Dr Jaime Ponce de Leon!

Gastric Bypass in Mexico

Hi my name is Al and I live in Lethbridge Alberta, before I found Deb and her team, I felt I was destine to be OBESE for the rest of my life and not see my 50th birthday, I started my journey on April 1, 2012, I weighed 470LBS, when I got to Mexico I was also very impressed with Dr Jaime Ponce De Leon, Dr. Eulices Frayre and Dr. Sanchez. They were very professional, very efficient and very kind during the surgery and the two nights I stayed at the hospital. Also impressive were the nurses who took care of me. I have no regrets having done this surgery and I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering like I was. The gastric sleeve bariatric surgery has helped me control my food intake without hunger so, along with my swimming regime, I am hopeful and confident that I can get my life back on track.

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

My name is Cheryl. I started this journey  weighing a whopping 384lbs. After 15 years of failing at every diet I tried under the sun, sick and tired of living in an exhausted, unhealthy body, I made the call to Debra, she counselled me, booked everything from flight-surgery. On 2013 I made the trek to Tijuana Mexico where I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery by the amazing Dr. Ponce de Leon and his fiercely talented Medical team. The care and compassion I got during my entire stay at the INT hospital was incredible. I felt totally at ease and comfortable. I had a great and uneventful recovery and have never felt better,Deby Dr. Ponce, Dr. Frayre, and the medical  staff. Because of them, I have managed to lose 284lbs and have kept it off.