Oasis Hospital Tijuana

OASIS Hospital Tijuana

It is easy to travel to Oasis of Hope because we are located in Tijuana, Mexico which is just twenty-five minutes south of the San Diego airport in California.  Please make arrangements to travel to San Diego.

Oasis of Hope is designed to build community. Our treatment room is a comfortable place where you can relax with other patients and receive treatment while listening to different speakers. While in the treatment room, it is easy to strike up a conversation with your neighbors.

Another great place to share stories and words of encouragement is the dining room. Meals are shared at round tables which makes it really easy to converse and laugh with others. The chapel and garden areas are other places you will find wonderful people who are on similar journeys.

Oasis of Hope is the perfect place to make friendships for life. Bonds will be formed to encourage each other to live long and strong, and these friendships will last a lifetime.

During your hospital stay you will remain in conford for 2 days with quality care, services, and 24hrs Doctors the room offers the possibility that you and your partner stay on the same room with comfort; before your hospital discharge studies take place within the same to ensure you return home safely and healthy.

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