SADI-S Surgery

Bariatric surgery helps you significantly improve your health

SADIS Surgery  is a technique that combines three utilities:

  • The Super obesity treatment
  • Treatment of type two diabetes
  • And revision of gastric sleeve failure

SADI-S (Single anastomosis doudeno-ileal with sleeve gastrectomy) is an innovative surgical technique, based on the techniques of “Mini Gastric Bypass or a single anastomosis Bypass” and the “Doudenal Switch” getting the effectiveness of both at the same time, avoiding its risks or adverse effects.

To explain it in a simple way, this suegery consists in the operation of gastric sleeve or Tubular Gastrectomy, to which is added an omega duodenum ileal Bypass.

This technique achieves:

  • A weight loss greater than the Gastric Bypass.
  • A greater proportion of healing from metabolic problems (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol..), greater than with gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.
  • In addition, patients have a good quality of life, can eat like patients operated by Gastric Sleeve, and don’t have diarrhea or flatulence.

This technique avoids:

  • The risk of biliary reflux of the “Mini Gastric Bypass or bypass of a single anastomosis”
  • The risk of excessive malabsorption, with diarrhea and flatulence of “Duodenal switch”
  • This new technique allows us to have a powerful therapeutic tool for particularly complex cases.

The operation would be indicated in patients with:

  • Super-obese patients (double or triple morbid obesity -IMC> 55-).
  • Patients with severe metabolic syndrome (diabetes mellitus severe, hypertension, cholesterol – elevated triglycerides).
  • Patients in which has failed the operation of gastric sleeve.