Medical Tourism in Mexico

Weight loss surgery in Mexico offers certificates hospitals & best quality services

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism in the world and Tijuana is one of the places with more visits, the friendly culture of Mexico the high quality of the hospitals the proximity to the United States, the world class surgeons and many other things makes Tijuana the best place to travel for Medical Tourism.

Weight loss surgery in Mexico each time becomes more and more popular the reasons are many but we can assure you we offer the best hospitals in Tijuana certified and qualified for bariatric surgery, we offer the best surgeon Dr Jaime Ponce de Leon without people in between no other surgeons no coordinator you will be talking directly with Dr Ponce own team. Also another reason is Price of course when it comes to health price is no what matter the most but here in Mexico you will be getting the best high quality for one third of what it will cost in your own country.


weight loss surgery in Mexico


When you are travling with Ponce Bariatrics you took will take a flight to the beautiful city of San Diego, Californica, where a driver will pick you and your companion up this driver is identified as an official driver  and kindly will help you to reach your destination in Tijuana, Mexico; Reaching the offices of Ponce Bariatrics a specialized Doctor will take you a blood sample and an EKG to be analyzed and certified a safe surgery.

Hospital INT a Certifed Bariatric Center

The hospital INT is home for Dr Ponce Bariatric Team, this hospital is qualified with the best equipment for obesity surgery occupied mostly by patients worldwide for bariatric and cosmetic procedures, it has an operation room for our use only in Bariatric with specialist nurses that will provide you the best care before and surgery.

During your hospital stay you will remain in conford for 2 days with quality care, services, and 24hrs Doctors the room offers the possibility that you and your partner stay on the same room with comfort; before your hospital discharge studies take place within the same to ensure you return home safely and healthy.

We will be with you all the time and you will never feel alone through your recovery, when you decide to come with us you’re part of Dr Ponce’s Family

Lucerna a 5 Stars Hotel in Tijuana

This beautiful hotel it’s ideally located opposite the hospital INT,Hotel Lucerna  in the city of Tijuana a 5 star hotel with only the best service for people that want to visit for medical tourism or for some other reason, this is our chooise the reason it is because we have work with them for more that 10 years, they have take care of our patients for all those years getting experience on the postop diet and all the cares on a bariatric patient.


weight loss surgery in mexico